All report generation functions are contained within the View Reports menu. You are able to navigate to the View Reports page via the Administration menu. The list of reports in your set up may vary from that shown in the example below.

Common reports include:


Displays a list of orders with a status of “Ready for Payment”; “Available for Download”; “Rejected” or “On Hold”.

User Access

Provides a website access report that shows the date, time and duration of access to Lookatme™ by individual user.

Most Popular Items

Displaysa list of the items with the number of orders have been placed.

Album (Mini Collection) Access

Providesthe viewing history of each Album.

Search History

Generatesa list of search terms that users have employed in the search function, along with the number of times these terms have been used.


Providesthe details of the revenue received within a selected date range for sites with e-commerce.

Item Expiry

Displays all assets due to expire within supplied date range

Metadata Upload

Displays metadata upload progress and actions performed within selected date range.

To generate a report:

1.Navigate to the report page via Administration, select a report tab, the corresponding page will display. For example the Orders report shows as:

2.Use the ‘from’ and ‘to’ calendars to filter the report by date.

3.Click show records arrow symbol to display all relevant data.

4.Use the headings to arrange results by Order, Date, Name, Group etc either ascending or descending

5.Click‘Download’to download the data into a Comma Separated Values file that can be opened in a spreadsheet program.

Option: View the details of individual order by selecting an Order number or the cross symbol for summary view within the order page.