Single Sign-on: LookatmeDAM and Okta integration

Okta is an independent cloud identity service that can be used as an alternative to Microsoft Azure.

To set up Okta SSO integration you will need to have your LookatmeDAM URL finalized.

Your LookatmeDAM URL is represented as <<URL>> in these configuration instructions:

Okta Configuration:

  • Single sign on URL: <<URL>>/user/
  • Recipient URL: <<URL>>/user/
  • Destination URL: <<URL>>/user/
  • Audience URI: <<URL>>
  • Default Relay State: <<leave blank>>
  • Name ID format: <<unspecified>> 
  • Application username: client is required to define a formula for entering into the Okta template.
    If you use another email address format such as initial.lastname@domain please refer to the Okta documentation for the formula definition.


  • LookatmeDAM Enterprise License
  • URL finalized