Lookatme Controlled Links allows Users with the correct privilege to send a Teambox of images, with download permission, to an external user.

In the background Lookatme records the recipient as a new user.

The recipient will not have to fill in a registration form and they will be able to collect the assets from a link in the email.

The use of those assets will be recorded along with the name of the recipient.

Lookatme will remain the Single Source of Truth to reveal who used your assets where and why.

This module extends the functionality of the Lookatme Teambox feature and is compatible with all installations from Q2 2017.

To manage digital assets, you need to be able to control who has access and who can use your assets.

You need to be able to report on who accessed your assets, and why and where they were used.

With this information, you’ll have a Digital Asset Management System.

Without this information, you’ll have uncertainty and confusion.

Some cloud storage and delivery services are great in many ways but they can make it harder or impossible to manage vital usage information about your assets.

You have to combine the need for managing your assets with the need to be able to send a file quickly to an eternal party.

Lookatme Controlled Links deliver convenience without sacrificing control.