Lookatme is developing methodologies for making assets available in more than one Lookatme site.

Federation allows external clients to browse assets that are located in your Lookatme instance. Where an external user wishes to order an asset, the user is directed to your site to complete the order process in compliance with your business rules.

Syndication allows you make selected assets available in another Lookatme site, which may be controlled by another party. In this model, the ordering process is controlled by the other party. Business rules are negotiated offline between you and the other party.

These modules are schedule for release in Q1 2020.

To take advantage of these modules your metadata schema must be harmonized to the IPTC-XMP standard, specifically the fields related to attribution and copyright.

While these module are in development Lookatme allows you to syndicate images to other sites via a service request at no additional cost. 

  1. Place images to share in an Album with the name of the recipient and expiry date
  2. Lookatme will script the copying of the assets to the recipient site with metadata and expiry date. 

Please ask your Client Success Manager.